Zhangjiajie Ten Mile Natural Gallery

There are lots of scenery spots in China named as the "Ten Mile Gallery". The most famous two are the one in Guilin Yangshuo and the other in Zhangjiajie National Forest Park. The Ten Mile Gallery in Guilin Yangshuo concerns a tour on the water while Zhangjiajie Ten Mile Gallery has the tour on the land canyon. This article mainly introduces you the Ten Mile Gallery in Zhangjiajie.

  1. Location and How to Get There
  2. Opening Hours and Tickets
  3. Sightseeing Guide
  4. Rideable Mini Train
  5. Hiker's Guide
  6. Travel Tips and Reminders

Zhangjiajie Ten Mile Gallery
Zhangjiajie Ten Mile Gallery

Getting Here

Ten Mile Gallery of Suoxi Valley Nature Reserve is located at the base of Tianzi Mountain in Zhangjiajie National Forest Park. Since it is close to the Tianzi Mountain cable car station, most visitors would choose to take cable cars to travel between Ten Mile Gallery and Tianzi Mountain. At the end of the Ten Mile Gallery, there is also a hiking trial to the summit of Tianzi Mountain that is loved by many explorers. However, it should be pointed out that the road is steep and poorly paved and one way trip can take you up to 2 to 3 hours. It can be a great physical challenge to many people traveling this way. Please sleep enough the night before and get well prepared mentally and physically if you decide to go up the mountain through this winding path, otherwise, it is better not to go on this trip.

Zhangjiajie Ten Mile Gallery
Zhangjiajie Ten Mile Gallery

Opening Hours

Zhangjiajie Ten Mile Natural Gallery opens from 7 am to 6 pm. Without any special notice, the scenic area is open all year round.

Ticket of the Zhangjiajie National Forest Park, which is CNY 248 yuan in price, also covers visit for Ten Mile Gallery, so there is no need to purchase an additional ticket. The ticket can be used in four consecutive days.

The rideable mini trains at Ten Mile Gallery, however, are not free. At peak hours, one single ride takes CNY 38 Yuan per person or CNY 76 Yuan per person for a round trip. Train ticket is discounted at a certain rate for the elderly and the children.

Travel Guide: Best Attractions to See

The flowers are colorful, the grasses are green, the trees are tall along the canyon of Zhangjiajie Ten Mile Gallery. Walking through this narrow long canyon, visitors can see hundreds of mountains lying afar with the stones and rocks on the mountains forming different shapes. The air here is good, to have a tour here, you may feel like walking into a Chinese landscape painting.

The key highlights of Ten Mile Gallery are more than one hundred of objects on both sides of the canyon which are formed naturally by the mountains and rocks. They have different kinds of shapes, some look like human beings, some look like animals, or you can use your imagination to find how they look like. Among them, the most famous are Birthday Old Man Welcoming Guests, Prince Xiang Reading the Book, An Old Man in Search of Medicinal Herbs and Three Sisters Mountain Peak. An Old Man in Search of Medicinal Herbs is so much alike that you can recognize it immediately once you see it.

The Five Fingers Peak Zhangjiajie
The Three Sisters Peak Mountain in Ten Mile Natural Gallery Zhangjiajie.

At the end of the Ten Mile Gallery is the Monkey Garden. Inside the garden, there are monkeys climbing the trees up and down. They attract lots of attentions from tourists by naughty behaviors. Interested people can go close to have interactions with these lovely animals.

Ten-mile Gallery Tourist Train Travel Guide

Inside the Ten Mile Gallery, the mini electric train is not only loved by children, it is also very popular to adult tourists since It is the most unique transportation method that worth trying. On the little train, there is an audio guide speaking in Chinese all the way to make tourists understand the scenery better. it takes only half an hour to take the little train to go back and forth.

The Mini Rideable Train in Zhangjiajie Ten Mile Gallery
The Mini Rideable Train in Zhangjiajie Ten Mile Gallery

However, visitors need to be aware that for each row of the small train car, only three persons are allowed. As most of the attractions in Zhangjiajie Ten Mile Gallery are concentrated on one single side, it is better to sit on the left side for the outbound journey and sit on the right side for return. Pease select your seat accordingly to make sure you can have better views.

Zhangjiajie Ten Mile Gallery is in fact two to three kilometers long and it takes approximately fifteen minutes by the miniature train or 30 minutes for walking to complete the one way journey. If time and the physical strength allow, the most cost effective way for the tour is to take the little train uphill and then walk back. The reason why we advise you to travel this way is because that it is harder to walk uphill than downhill. On the other side, since it's not convenient to take photos on the train, you are advised to walk back. While walking, visitors can stop to take pictures whenever they like and enjoy the scenery on their own pace. This just makes up the disadvantages of taking the train downhill.

The Mini Rideable Train in Zhangjiajie Ten Mile Gallery
New Type of Tourist Train in Zhangjiajie Ten Mile Gallery

Tips for Hikers

Along the canyon of the Ten Mile Gallery, one side is the railway of the min train while the other side is the wooden walkway for hiking. The wooden walkway is well paved and is comfortable to walk on. For this reason, Zhangjiajie Ten Mile Gallery is another scenic spot that is suitable for hiking other than the Golden Whip Brook. However, one drawback is that as the walkway is quite narrow, on the same row, it only allows two visitors to pass. When the peak travel season comes, the walkway is crowded with tourists and there is barely space even for taking photos. Therefore, visitors who would like to have the hiking tour please come early in the morning or late during the sunset in less busy hours.

Travel Tips and Reminders

  • Smoking is not allowed in The Zhangjiajie National Forrest Park.
  • When taking the mini train, please keep the safety issues in mind. Remember not to put your head or hand out of the train window while taking pictures.
  • Please wait until the train has completely stopped to alight and remember to bring all the belongings with you. At the same time, please take care of your head and feet to escape bump and fall.

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