Zhangjiajie Golden Whip Stream

Located in Zhangjiajie National Forest Park, the valley of Golden Whip Brook is 7.5 kilometers in length. According to the locals, it is named after the Golden Whip Rock, one of the top ten wonders of Zhangjiajie.

In Golden Whip Brook scenic area, the water flows from north to south, winding between the beautiful mountains and valleys, and finally converges into the Water Around Four Gates or so called Shuirao Simen where the Dragon Tail River, the Mandarin Duck River, and the Kuangdong River meet.

Along the water boundary of the Golden Whip Brook lies the most beautiful and marvelous sceneries in Zhangjiajie National Forest Park. By having sensational contacts with green forests, tortuous rivers, colorful flowers, little fishes, and singing birds, visitors touring in the beautiful scenery of the Golden Whip Creek feel like walking in a hidden paradise.

Golden Whip Stream
A Tour to the Golden Whip Stream in Late June.

Speaking of the weather, the Golden Whip Brook scenic area is warm and humid all day long, and thus it is one of the most suitable places for hiking within the Zhangjiajie National Forest Park. Walking along the brook and stop wherever they wanted, visitors can finish the tour in two to three hours.

The main attractions of the Golden Whip Brook include: the Water Around Four Gates (Shuirao Simen), Nanmu Ground, Young Man Splitting the Mountain to Rescue Mum, Flower-fruit Mountain with Water Curtain Cave, the Golden Whip Rock, the Drunk Monk and so on.

  1. Location and How to Get There
  2. Opening Hours and Tickets
  3. Wildlife Tour
  4. Activities
  5. Best Time and Weather to Visit
  6. Targeted Group of Tourists
  7. Travel Tips and Reminders

Golden Whip Stream
the Golden Whip Stream in summer.

How to Getting Here

After entering from the south entrance gate of Zhangjiajie National Forest Park, travelers can find a guide sign at the Grand Oxygen Bar Square. To the left of the guide sign is Huangshizhai or Yellow Stone Village Scenic Area, and to the 300 to 500 meters right of it, the entrance of the Golden Whip Brook.

From the east entrance gate of Zhangjiajie National Forest Park, travelers can take the eco-friendly free sightseeing bus and get off at the Water Around Four Gates to reach another entrance of the Golden Whip Brook.

The attractions of the Golden Whip Brook are mainly located on the western part which is close to the south gate of the forest park. If you are coming from the Water Around Four Gates, you will have to finish the entire trip and walk all the way to be able to go through all the must- sees. It should be noted that the Golden Whip Brook has no bus, mini trains or cable cars for sightseeing and the whole tour must be done by foot. Otherwise you will have to pay to take the sedan chair lifted by locals. For this reason, it may be a bit hard for people who would not like to walk long time.

Golden Whip Stream
Golden Whip Stream in Summer.

Opening Hours

The Golden Whip Brook opens from 7:00 am to 6:00 pm from Monday to Sunday.
The 245 Yuan entry ticket to Zhangjiajie National Forest Park already covers Golden Whip Brook, so travelers don't need to pay additional to visit it.

Wildlife Tour

Golden Whip Brook is a designed place for protection of the Chinese giant salamander which is also known as the baby crying fish as thousands of them have been released here previously. Since most of these baby crying fishes have hidden themselves somewhere in the brook, it is rare for visitors to see them. With lovely and cute monkeys playing on the trees, little fishes cheerfully swimming in the water, various birds singing and chirping and different colors of insects such as butterflies and dragonflies flying around, tourists can surprisingly find the Golden Whip Brook a kingdom of diverse and wonderful animals.

The Gold Whip Brook canyon is covered by all kinds of plants. There are exotic flowers and plants that can only be named by knowledgeable professionals. There are lush metasequoia trees that make up the main tree species of the forest; There are also Chinese Nanmu trees which are rarely seen anywhere else.

Golden Whip Stream
the Golden Whip Stream in Late June.


In the half time of the trip, travelers can meet girl singers from Tujia ethnic group who are there to sing local folk songs for you. By paying CNY 10 Yuan, you can then select a song interested and hear the melodious singing from one of the lovely Tujia girls.

Best Time and Weather to Visit

Spring, summer, and autumn are the best seasons to visit the Golden Whip Brook. Zhangjiajie Golden Whip Brook has the richest water system. In middle summer , when the temperature outside reaches as high as 38 degrees Celsius, the Golden Whip Brook canyon still remains extremely cool. Playing with water and catching fish are the two favorite activities for many people to visit the Golden Whip Brook in summer.

Winter is the dry season, it has less water and less vitality in Golden Whip Brook. But, since trees go dormant in winter, with more sunlight shining through the trees, it is good to have a photography tour to Golden Whip Brook in winter.

With 24 hours a day, it has fewer tourists and less noise in the morning and evening and it's best to visit the Golden Whip Brook during these times.

On the rainy day, with mountains overhead covered in smoke and rain, visitors can see clouds and mists drifting through the canyon of Golden Whip Brook, the entire scenic area is full of poetic romance; on the sunny day, the sun shines through the leaves and casts mottled shadows on the water surface , visitors have a peaceful and quiet mind to enjoy the nature; In the sunshine after the rain, with the water keeping rising, visitors experience the most beautiful scenery of the Golden Whip Brook. In general, Golden Whip Brook is suitable for visiting in any weather.

Golden Whip Stream
the Golden Whip Stream in Late June.

Who is Suitable to Visit Golden Whip Stream?

Golden Whip Creek tour has no tough climbing involved, and all journey is made on the flat ground. Verdant forests, crystal clear streams, colorful pebbles, calm swimming fishes, and lovely animals such as wild monkeys, squirrels, snakes make the whole journey full of fun. The tour is suitable for people at almost all ages and you are advised to take all family members to visit here.

The air of Golden Whip Creek has an indescribably refreshing sweet taste. Walking along the path with small stones while listening to the sound of the river, everyone feels really relaxed and refreshed, some may even have the feeling of oxygen addiction. It is said who live around here usually have long life expectancy. People who stayed too long in the concrete cities are strongly advised to come to the Golden Whip Brook to purify or ease their minds.

Golden Whip Stream
the Golden Whip Stream in Zhangjiajie National Forest Park.

Travel Tips and Reminders

  1. For tourists coming from far away, Golden Whip Brook is good to be used as the first stop for transitional adaption purpose. This way, travelers will have enough energy to go to more challenging places such as Yuanjiajie and other scenic area the next day.
  2. The water in the Golden Whip Brook is cold, and visitors with weak health conditions are advised to step into the water cautiously. Timid tourists please be aware that water snakes may occasionally show up in the water.
  3. There are many monkeys playing around. Tourists must be cautious and prevent things especially food on your hands from being robbed by them. On the other hand, visitors don't need to panic about the monkeys as they generally don't attack visitors.
  4. Leave from Golden Whip Brook, visitors can continue to visit Yuanjiajie, Yellow Stone Village and etc.
  5. The roads along the brook are relatively slippery, and the elderly are advised to be more cautious while hiking here.
  6. The Forever Young Fountain and the Long live Fountain in Golden Whip Scenic Area are said to have particularly good water quality. Interested visitors can go to the spring to get a glass of water and taste it.
  7. Visitor with weak physical strength is advised to bring a walking stick in addition to the drink water to make the hiking tour along Golden Whip Stream successful.

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