Tianmen Mountain Glass Skywalk

Glass Walkway is one of the four wonders of Zhangjiajie Tianmen Mountain National Forest Park. Since it is built on the high cliffs, even the bravest young men may feel their legs soft when standing on it. Even though, people are still curious to take walks on it.
There are several glass skywalks in Zhangjiajie Tianmen Mountain. Where are they respectively located? What are the characteristics for each of them? How to get there? How much does each ticket cost? In the following text, we will give you all the answers.


  1. Reminders and Tips before You Go
  2. Locations, Ticket Prices and Travel Guide
  3. Best Weather for Travel
  4. Is the Tianmen Mountain Glass Skywalk Safe?

Tianmen Mountain Glass Skywalk
Visitors Are Walking Carefully on the Glass Skywalk of Tianmen Mountain

Reminders and Tips before You Go

The uniqueness of Tianmen Mountain Glass Walk is the thrilling experience it brought. People who are timid, afraid of height, or those who have heart disease are not advised to try it.

In order to relieve frustrations or panics of visitors, most of the glass on the walk is painted green instead of 100% transparent. Therefore, tourists on the glass walk won't be too scared as long as they don't look down at their feet intentionally. Timid travelers should try not to walk on the outer side which is close to the deep valley. Once on board, if tourists would not like to continue the adventure out of fear, they can just lean their bodies towards the wall and manage to pass the glass walk in another way.

Compared with the one in the Grand Canyon, the glass skywalk of Tianmen Mountain is relatively very short. Since there are always a lot of people visiting during peak hours and the staff standing there would continue to urge visitors to move forward quickly, travelers can almost find no time to take photos. To get the most out of the touring experience, travelers are advised to go there as early as possible to avoid peak travel times so that you can have more time on the glass walk.

In the rainy and snowy days, the road is slippery and difficult to walk on. For safety reasons, the glass skywalk is usually closed.

Tianmen Mountain Glass Skywalk
The Eastern Line of Tianmen Mountain Glass Skywalk

Location, Ticket Prices and Travel Guide

There are three glass skywalks on the top of Tianmen Mountain, namely the east line glass skywalk, the west line glass skywalk and the Panlongya glass skywalk. Among them, the longest one is Panlongya or Coiling Dragon Cliff, which is 100 meters long and 1.6 meters wide. It was officially opened to visitors on August 1, 2018. This glass skywalk is also a good place to overlook the mountain road with 99 Turns.

The west line skywalk is located 500 meters away from the starting point of the Ghost Valley plank road. It is 60 meters long, 1.6 meters wide, with the highest altitude of 1,430 meters above the sea level. There is also a glass-bottomed viewing platform that extends out of the walk for nearly 5 meters to let travelers take photos. The east line glass skywalk is almost the same in elevation, length and width as the one in western line. These two skywalks are the earliest opening glass skywalks in the country and they have been known to tourists for more than a decade. Compared with the one in the east line, the west line glass walk is more close to the cliff and it's more adventurous.

In terms of the location, the west line glass skywalk and Panlongya glass walk are close to the cable car station while the east-line glass skywalk is close to Tianmen Cave and the exit of the tunnel escalator.

It is worth mentioning that the tour on the summit of Tianmen Mountain is arranged in the shape of a loop and travelers can pass all three glass skywalks as long as you walk through the whole loop line.

Ticket is not required to visit Tianmen Mountain glass skywalks. However, in order to maintain the cleanliness and safety of the glass skywalks, visitors must put on shoe covers before they are admitted and a service fee of CNY 5 Yuan per person is charged for the shoe cover rental. Travelers should return the shoe covers afterwards so that they can be re-used.

Tianmen Mountain Glass Skywalk
The Western Line of Tianmen Mountain Glass Skywalk

Best Weather to Visit

The poor visibility on rainy and foggy days can greatly affect the tour experience. Therefore, it is better for travelers to visit the glass skywalks on bright sunny days.

Glass Skywalk
Panlongya or Coiled Dragon Cliff Glass Skywalk

Is the Tianmen Mountain Glass Skywalk Safe?

A comprehensive system was adopted to ensure the overall safety of all three glass skywalks on Tianmen Mountain. First of all, all of the skywalks are made of tempered glass with high transparency. These glasses have extremely strong load bearing capacity, even the elephant can pass through the glass walks with 100% safety guaranteed. Secondly, in terms of exterior protective measures, reinforced concrete supports are used every meter under the glass walk. In addition, the railings on the two sides of the walk are made of stainless-steel frames and double-layer tempered glasses to provide an extra protection to tourists.

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