Zhangjiajie Baofeng Lake

Zhangjiajie is famous for its marvelous mountains and valleys. However, as a niche attraction in Zhangjiajie, Baofeng Lake is known for water.


  1. About Baofeng Lake Scenic Area
  2. Location and How to Get There
  3. Opening Hours and Tickets
  4. Tour Itineraries
  5. Baofeng Lake Cruise

Zhangjiajie Baofeng Lake
Zhangjiajie Baofeng lake

Baofeng Lake Scenic Area Introduction

The entire Baofeng Lake scenic area comprises two parts: the Baofeng Lake and the Village of Eagle Nest Yingwozhai.

Located in the southeast of the scenic area, the Baofeng Lake is an artificial lake built by reconstructing the dam. It has an altitude of 400 meters above the sea level and the area of water surface is roughly 30 hectares with the length of 2.5 kilometers, the width of 150 meters, and the depth of 72 meters. Its capacity of water storage is roughly 4 million cubic meters. Surrounded by mountains, Baofeng Lake is calm and peaceful. With the gentle breeze, it's easy for you to see the reflection of the green mountains on the clear water. Taking a tour on the boat at the Baofeng Lake, you will feel like as if you are traveling on the Li River of Guilin.

The Village of Eagle Nest Yingwozhai is located in the northwestern part of the scenic area and it is a mountainous area with old-growth forest. The mountain cliffs here are so deep and steep that it is hard even for monkey to climb, even more amazing, the vast ​​primitive forest on the mountain is so flourishing as if it can cover the whole sky. the Village of Eagle Nest Yingwozhai is called by some a fairyland on earth..

The Baofeng Lake, Qifeng Waterfall, the Village of Eagle Nest Yingwozhai and A Thread of Sky (Yixiantian) in Baofeng Lake Scenic Area are rated as "the Four Wonders" and are listed as the most classic sceneries in Zhangjiajie Wullingyuan.

Almost all visitors to Baofeng Lake would choose to make the trip by boat, as the boat cruising tour is very easy and comfortable. For this reason, you can arrange it as a supplementary tour after the relatively high-energy tours to Zhangjiajie National Forest Park and Zhangjiajie Tianmen Mountain.

Baofeng Lake is especially popular for elderly and children.

Zhangjiajie Baofeng Lake
Zhangjiajie Baofeng lake

Location and How to Get There

The Baofeng Lake is located in the heart of Wulingyuan Scenic Area in Zhangjiajie. To be more specific, it is 1.5 km south of Wulingyuan downtown, 4 km northeast of the entrance of the Wulingyuan Landmark Gate ( the east entrance of Zhangjiajie National Forest Park) and 8 km southwest of Yellow Dragon Cave. Xibu Street, a famous night street in Wulingyuan, situates at the foot of the mountain where the alpine Baofeng Lake is based on.

From Zhangjiajie downtown, backpackers can take the scheduled bus from Zhangjiajie Central Bus Station to go to Wulingyuan firstly, and then change to route 2 city bus to go to Baofeng Lake. Alternatively, they can just take taxi to go there.

Zhangjiajie Baofeng Lake
Zhangjiajie Baofeng lake

Opening Hours and Tickets

Entrance ticket price for Baofeng Lake is CNY 96 Yuan during the peak season or CNY 48 Yuan during the off season. Ticket price includes boat service at the Baofeng Lake but it does not include the shuttle bus service running between the entrance and the boat dock on the lake.

Senior residents who are over 65 years old, children who are under 14 years old can enter the scenic area free of charge; for senior residents who are between 60 and 65 years old, children who are between 14 (including 14) and 18 years old (excluding 18 years old) and college students can purchase half tickets. Tickets with special discount should be purchased with relevant identifications directly at the ticket window.

The operation hours of the Baofeng Lake Scenic Area are from 8 am to 5 pm. Normally, the Baofeng Lake Scenic Area opens to the public all year round.

Zhangjiajie Baofeng Lake
Zhangjiajie Baofeng lake

The Two Tour Itineraries

Upon arrival to Baofeng Lake Scenic Area, most visitors prefer to take the environmentally friendly shuttle buses to go from the entrance gate to the departure dock at upstream. It usually takes about ten minutes. For the trip of the boat, it takes approximately twenty minutes to enjoy the tranquil of the lake and the greenness of mountains along the way. After making a circle trip on the boat, visitors will be sent back to the original point. The entire trip takes about one hour and it saves both time and energy. For this option, CNY 25 Yuan is charged for using the shuttle bus service.

A few visitors with good physical strength and sufficient time would prefer to walk from the entrance gate to the dock instead of taking the shuttle bus. For this option, they will have to firstly walk cross some slopes and then climb up a small hill and spend around forty to fifty minutes to reach the pier. After the boat cruising, they can then walk back. This walking experience can be really enjoyable as one can immerse himself/herself in nature and cherish the beauty of the attractions at the slow pace. However, the disadvantage is that it takes some time and effort. But even so, the trip can be done in about two hours.

In short, Baofeng Lake Scenic Area is very small. As the entire trip takes little time, most visitors would usually end up with an unfinished sense of feeling.

Zhangjiajie Baofeng Lake
Zhangjiajie Baofeng lake

Interesting Things to Do

The main method to tour the Baofeng Lake is by boat. Cruising on the lake, visitors can see the reflection of blue sky and poetic silhouette of beautiful surroundings on the lake sides. On the boat, there are local guides providing professional explanations of attractions and teaching you local ethnic customs. It will make two stops for tourists to hear the love song duets along the way. The folk songs with beautiful voice by pretty girls from the ethnic minorities are pleasant to listen which makes tourists on the boat can't help but sing along to. It is said that any gentleman who is able to go through three duets with the girl singer, you can take her home as she would like to marry to you for cherishing the talent you have.

Baofeng Waterfall and the Ecological Reserve for Baby Crying Fish at the entrance are two attractions that you can't miss.

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